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roof inspection service in blacktown

When you see some major or minor problems with your roof and thinks about best roof inspection service in Blacktown then SRC (Sydney roofing and Construction Company) is not just a brand name but trust of thousands of people all over the Black town.

In this busy life of today of ours it does not seem to be possible to maintain the safety and cleanliness of our house or office and the most difficult task which comes in the mind is keeping your roof look clean from afar and to maintain its safety.

With its thousands of clients, Sydney Roofing & Construction is known for providing best service with best team and has been in the business for more than 20 years and is well known for inspecting the roof and giving you the best

information related to the causes and advice for the fixing of the problem, which gives you the best result for the maintenance of your roof for a long time.

Although the roof of your house is always above your head but many a times you might not come across the issues and problems occurring there and it being the most crucial part of house it becomes necessary to keep it well maintained, Working in this field for 20 years, Our best Roof inspection service in Blacktown and all over Australia has been the reason of us gaining the trust of all the clients we have worked with. In all these years some of the most common problems reported in the houses of most of the client’s are-

  • Improper installation of the roof

Most of the problems which occur and causes some other minor and major problems are due to the reason that roof installation was not done properly.

  • Leakage and ceiling cracks

Leakage and ceiling cracks are one of the most common problem that we have come across through most of our inspections, which not only makes your buildings look dirty but also is a threat to your health.

  • Broken and rotting parts of the roof

The most noticeable thing or damage is always the broken areas of your roof, and rotting parts which are mostly caused by the water leakage and becomes the shelter for bugs and insects which later proves to be the reason of health problems.

How do we inspect and give the best advice?

When it comes to do the inspection of the roof, we do not only believe in professionalism but also going beyond the philosophy that “We are always right.” Where most of the contractors do the basic inspection which might give little information about the problems, we go beyond basics and examine the work thoroughly. We also provide the photos of interiors, exteriors and corners of the roof to our clients with report, which also gives them more than just the idea of the problems and fixes to be made but also a visual evidence. We also provide the information about what and how the fixes should be made for the best possible result. For our Quality inspectors believe that it is not just a building to be maintained but a home to be lived in forever.

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